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Industrial Dining Tables and home decor


The Dream

This all started with a frustration over the poor quality industrial dining tables and home decor that we all see in your everyday furniture stores. When I was furnishing a commercial building I owned, I wanted to make it a place for people to come and enjoy themselves in a comfortable and unique environment.  I soon realized I had to step out of the box to find not only quality, but very unique pieces. 

So, I started to think, I can build what I wanted since quality was so important to me. I began to peruse the net looking for ideas. It wasn't long before my head was swirling with ideas. Shortly after that, I was in my shop designing and building. Today, I still reflect back to that day when it was just a dream. here we are now, shipping a lot the the east coast, our fabulous store in the historic downtown district of Lake Charles La and soon to be on Wayfair, Hayneedle and Houzz.


Great detail in each piece

When creating your special piece for your home, we spend considerable time with you in learning how you see the finished product. Its very important so we can provide you with something you will be happy with for years to come.


Whats on your mind for you and your home??